Rice with zucchini


1kg – zucchini cut into small cubes
2 medium onions cut into small cubes
100ml – vegetable oil
330ml - water
salt, dill, pepper


Sautee the oil, onion, rice, zucchini, salt, dill and pepper until the rice turns white. Then add water and put in an oven preheated to 200°C. After 20 minutes mix and smooth to pour on the custard.


3 eggs
3 tablespoons – fine-ground flour
500g – Bulgarian yoghurt
200ml - milk
on the tip of a knife – baking soda


Beat the eggs then add flour and mix until smooth. At the end, mix in the other ingredients. Then pour this custard on the ready rice and let bake until golden. The ready rice with zucchini is served with Bulgarian yoghurt. Put two tablespoons of Bulgarian yoghurt on the top part.