500g – ground meat
1kg – potato chopped into small cubes
250g – fresh or tinned chopped tomatoes
1 large onion
60ml – vegetable oil
250ml - water
1tablespoon - sweet paprika
salt, pepper, chubritsa (savory), fresh green parsley


Mix the meat with a bit of water and ground red paprika. Add in the potato, onion, oil, salt, pepper, chubritsa (savory), green parsley, water and mix everything together thoroughly and put in the oven to bake at 200°C. After 20 minutes added chopped tomatoes and mix everything again. Smooth the surface flat to be reading for the custard and bake until golden.


3 eggs
3 tablespoons – fine-ground flour
500g – Bulgarian yoghurt
200ml – milk
on the tip of a knife – baking soda


Beat the eggs then add flour and mix until smooth. At the end, mix in the other ingredients. Then pour this custard on the ready potatoes and let bake until golden.
The finished musaka is served with Bulgarian yoghurt. Put two tablespoons of Bulgarian yoghurt on the top part.