Bulgarian yoghurt

Starter cultures for preparation of real Bulgarian yoghurt cultures for home use

10 packages, 1 box for up to 500l of milk. 1 package for fermenting 1-5l of milk. From one yoghurt you can inoculate as much as 10x, any amount of milk. From 1 package you can create as much as 50l of yoghurt.

Contents: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus

Bulgarian yoghurt is enriched with a unique bulgaricus lactobacilli, which are a natural part of the human microflora from a very early age. They pass through the barrier of the stomach and implant themselves on the intestinal wall where they prevent the proliferation of undesirable types of bacteria, detoxify the body and activate the immune system. The consumption of dairy products with active bulgaricus lactobacilli is an ideal way of maintaining natural microflora in the digestive tract.

Directions: Boil 1 -5l of milk and let stand 30 minutes. Cool the milk to the given temperature and add 1 package of the cultures and mix thoroughly until fully dissolved. Pour the milk into clean containers and let ferment at the given temperature for the given period without stirring. The temperature can be maintained by covering the containers with some form of insulation (e.g. a blanket) or they can be put in an oven set at the given temperature. When fermentation is begun in the evening the yoghurt will be ready the next morning and the containers should then be placed in the refrigerator without mixing. After having been cooled to 10°C it is ready to be consumed. Separate part of the yoghurt to be used for the next inoculation. When the milk has been prepared according to the above directions the fermentation is then shorter.

Store at: 0-10°C, opened packages will not keep.

Minimum shelf life is 1 year. See package for best before date.